Updated New Business Process

September 5, 2018

Starting Sept. 24, The Standard is changing how we process applications. In short, all applications must be complete — with income documentation submitted and medical labs ordered — before we conduct the first underwriting review.

We continually seek ways to improve the underwriting experience. We’re making a change that will ensure underwriters have more complete applications when conducting a first review. With this change, underwriters will have all information needed to make a decision or order requirements during the first review. And, the change will cut down on the back-and-forth communications caused by incomplete applications.

If we receive an application that doesn't have all fields completed or that's submitted without income documentation or confirmation that medical labs have been ordered, we’ll hold it until we receive all required items. For TeleApps, the telephone interview must be completed. Once complete, the application will be forwarded to your underwriter.

Best of all, we expect this will result in more final decisions at first underwriting review. And, as part of this change, we’ve streamlined our new business communications so that you’ll receive updates at each stage of the process. 

You’ll hear more from us before Sept. 24. Your case manager will make sure you understand the new business process and share tips to ensure all applications are complete. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to your case manager if you have questions.



Operations and Underwriting