The Standard’s BIR Communications to Prepare Clients

May 1, 2019

The Benefit Increase Rider offers your clients an easy way to increase income protection. It also gives your producers an easy touchpoint — and an opportunity to cross-sell, upsell and ask for referrals. We’re helping to prepare policyowners by sending regular communications to remind them of the BIR opportunity.

BIR Basics Reminder

We add the Benefit Increase Rider, subject to underwriting rules and guidelines, to all fully underwritten Platinum Advantage polices for applicants 50 or younger who accept 75 percent or more of the offered base-contract coverage.

This no-cost rider allows clients 55 or younger to increase their basic monthly benefit every three years on their Option Date as their earnings grow, without providing medical information. 

The rider will end if the policyowner doesn't apply in the 60 days before their Option Date and accept at least 50 percent of the increase offer.

How We Help

We’ll send BIR reminder letters to policyowners on each policy anniversary that the Option Date doesn’t fall on (for example, years one, two, four and five). This letter highlights the benefits of the BIR and the easy application process. It also lets them know that they can apply early if they’ve involuntarily lost group LTD coverage or had a 30+ percent increase in income in the prior 90 days (through the Accelerated Option). 

As they approach their Option Date, we’ll send policyowners instructions on how to apply. We’ll send this letter approximately 60 days before the Option Date.

Agencies will receive copies of all letters sent to policyowners. And to help you keep on top of upcoming BIRs, we’ll provide agencies a monthly Increase Option Report listing all policies with BIR Option Dates within 120 days. This is the same report you currently receive with FPO information.

Our goal is to position you and your producers for excellent service to clients — and to help you grow your blocks of business!


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