Spreading the Income Protection Story Via Social Media

March 6, 2019

The Standard’s Social Media Presence

Did you know The Standard is on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? We’re connecting with producers and agencies with posts about industry trends, product information, company updates and more. This content spans our entire business, so you’ll see info about employee benefits and retirement planning, in addition to income protection.

The Standard also posts social content directed to individuals on Facebook, promoting the need to protect their paychecks.

Check out The Standard’s newsroom for our most recent posts. And be sure to follow The Standard on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

Social Media Support for Producers

We want to help your producers reach more prospects. Each quarter, we release a Social Media Tool Kit to help producers share the story of income protection with their networks. This feature of the IDI Connect newsletter gives producers everything they need to post:

  • Relevant and lively images to catch the eye of prospects and clients
  • Content written by The Standard’s corporate marketing team
  • Short URLs to more information

Make sure your producers know about this quality content created just for them.

Up Your Social Media Game

Social media isn’t just for reaching consumers. You can use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help build relationships with brokers and set yourself apart as an industry expert.

Not on social media yet? It doesn’t have to be a herculean effort. You can establish a social presence, without too much time or effort. Mix up your posts with both original content and reposting items you find interesting or helpful. Or post agency updates, such as a job opening. 

And if you’re just getting started, go slow. Choose one platform to start with. Pick a goal of how often you want to post, such as once or twice a week. Once you’re comfortable, you can pick up the frequency of your posts.

Some quick tips:

  • Know your audience. Share the content that is most relevant to your professional network.
  • If reposting, be sure to read the article before you share. Be prepared to answer questions or discuss the content.
  • Pay attention to engagement. Sharing often is great but sharing too often can make your network tune you out. If the number of likes and comments on your posts start to drop, consider scaling back.

And don’t forget: follow The Standard on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter. You’ll find updates from us that your network will want to know about!

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