Product Guide Updates for Platinum Advantage

January 4, 2017

The details of The Standard’s newest income protection plan, Platinum Advantage, can be found in the updated IDI Online Reference Product Guide. In the Product Guide you’ll find benefit and rider descriptions, I&P limits, updated occupation classifications and much more.

With Platinum Advantage, we’ve expanded our occupation classes to provide a more tailored and competitively-priced product for the physician market. You’ll see the addition of 5P and 4S for physicians and 3D for dentists, in addition to 4P.

Many physician specialties have been reclassified into these new occupation classes. For example, you’ll find most medical professions not performing surgery or interventional procedures in the newly-created 5P class. Most surgical physician specialties will now fall under the 4S classification.

A new Medical and Health Occupations section has been added to The Standard’s IDI Online Reference Product Guide so you can quickly find your physician client’s specialty. You’ll also find several other health occupations in this section, such as mental and physical therapists, veterinarians and pharmacists.