Keeping IDI Top of Mind With Annual Statements

October 14, 2020

We want to help policyowners keep income protection insurance — and the option to increase coverage — top of mind. Starting this month, we’re sending Platinum Advantage policyowners simple one-page annual statements to highlight the value of their IDI coverage.

The statement reminds customers of their key IDI policy features, such as the basic monthly benefit, benefit period and benefit waiting period. It also shows how they can increase their coverage with the Annual Increase Benefit or Benefit Increase Rider.

The Details

  • We’ll send annual statements to fully underwritten and GME Platinum Advantage policyowners only.
  • If a policyowner has an increase policy on Platinum Advantage, but a base contract on another product, the statement will reflect only the increase policy.
  • We’ll send statements at each policy anniversary date.
  • The statement displays only information applicable to the specific policyowner. For example, if the policyowner has only the Automatic Increase Benefit on the policy, the statement shows only AIB information. If the policyowner has no increase opportunities, the statement shows no information about increasing coverage.
  • We won’t copy producers and agencies on annual statements. Instead, the statement will direct policyowners to the producer if they have questions.

See a sample of the annual statement. If you have questions, please contact your sales consultant.

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