Interactive Brochure for Consumers

December 1, 2021
Interactive Brochure 22555 Thumbnail

Check out the new Interactive Platinum Advantage Consumer Brochure. It’s based on our made-for-print consumer brochure, but we've added new features and capabilities.

This interactive version has tabs and links, so prospects can quickly find the information most important to them. They won't waste time searching. Instead, they can jump to a topic, such as options to increase coverage or details about residual disability coverage.

The brochure features:

  • The “Help Protect Your Lifestyle” video
  • Statistics to show why individual disability insurance is important
  • Comprehensive core benefits that are part of the base contract
  • Optional enhancements to tailor the policy to their unique needs

Ask your producers to share the interactive brochure with their clients. They can use it to show why IDI is important — and how Platinum Advantage provides a comprehensive yet flexible solution.

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