Highlight The Standard’s Resident Opportunities With Your Producers

April 3, 2019

We’re committed to providing hassle-free quality income protection at an exceptional value to residents and fellows. We recently made underwriting changes to make it easier than ever for physicians and dentists to apply. And, you may have noticed the new Platinum Advantage for Residents flyer last week in the IDI Connect.

Make sure your producers are using the resources available to sell to residents and fellows. Want help reaching out to them? It’s easy with the email message below. You can cut and paste it into your own email to producers. Then add your own “call to action” at the end.

The Standard’s Platinum Advantage — An Excellent Choice for Residents

Looking for hassle-free and quality income protection for your resident and fellow clients? The Standard’s Platinum Advantage is an excellent option. The strong contract can be combined with for-residents-and-fellows-only underwriting rules to provide an easy application process and exceptional value.

Platinum Advantage offers “specialty” coverage, increase opportunities and residual coverage. It also includes the Family Care Benefit, only available from The Standard. Share the Platinum Advantage for Residents flyer to show them why The Standard’s Platinum Advantage is an excellent choice.

Plus, The Standard recently optimized its Simplified Underwriting rules for residents. Residents can now apply for new-in-practice limits ($6,500 or $7,500, depending on specialty) with no income documentation or medical exams. All others may only apply for up to $6,000 in monthly benefits using Simplified Underwriting. This means your resident and fellow clients ages 18-45, in the six months before or after completing training, can access $500 to $1,500 more in monthly benefits with Simplified Underwriting.

You can also offer a 10 percent discount to your residents when three or more apply from the same institution. If you have resident clients at an institution, make sure you’re taking advantage of this discount! You can establish the discount with three applications, or the institution may already have a discount established. Find established discounts on The Standard’s Residency Discount Institutions web page.

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Please make sure all resident applications include the institution’s name and program number on the Producer Information Report. This will allow us to track applications to establish or maintain Residency Multi-Life Discounts. Please reach out to your regional director if you have any questions about resources for selling to residents or the Residency Multi-Life Discount.