Get a Head Start on Underwriting

March 7, 2018

The Standard’s IDI Online Reference Product Guide can help you find out if your clients are eligible for coverage. You can also use the Guide to determine occupation classes, and if they might pay higher premium rates due to health or occupation.

Before submitting an application, always refer to these parts of the Guide:

  • Ineligible Medical Conditions. See page 57. This section explains the conditions and circumstances that can make an applicant ineligible for individual disability insurance from The Standard.
  • The Standard’s Build Chart. This chart lists weight requirements for standard premium rates. Is your client overweight? If so, this chart will help you determine if their weight, in relation to height, will result in premium increases.
  • The Standard’s Occupation Classification List. Occupation class is a key factor in every policy you sell. It affects premium rates as well as the type of coverage available. 

It's not possible to list every potential occupation, but we’ve done our best. We list occupations in alphabetical order from Academic Dean to Zoologist. Each occupation is paired with an occupation class. People working in occupations marked “NO” are ineligible. Don’t miss the special section for medical occupations at the end.

You can jump to these sections in The Standard’s IDI Online Reference Product Guide from the Index on page three. Occupation Class quick links — to the right on the Index page — provide shortcuts to the occupations you’re looking for.


Operations and Underwriting