First To Know

Our new Interactive Platinum Advantage Consumer Brochure lets clients jump to features most relevant to their needs.
Starting Nov. 11, office-based managers earning $75,000 or more will be eligible for the 10% Preferred Occupation Discount.
We’ll remove older applications and quotes in The Standard’s eApp and Illustration Software.
The vendor will text applicants for a quick and easy low-touch scheduling option.
Our new IDI Marketing Resources Toolkits make it easy to find and share materials. Get resources focused on one subject, such as a product feature or a target market.
We’re happy to announce the following changes that will go into effect this Friday, April 2.
Our newest regional director, Brian Lauber, brings 20 years of IDI experience and a passion for protecting incomes to The Standard.
Our interactive sales tool shows clients their income protection gap in a personal way.
To help you keep policies active, we’re adding information to the daily lapse reports you receive. Starting tomorrow, we’ll include policies that are 16 days past due to give you and your producers more time to conserve them.
Chris Coy, regional director with The Standard, offers tips for helping new producers add IDI to their practice.