Stacked Money and Piggy Bank
Residents can get Platinum Advantage’s quality income protection for a benefit amount that’s right for them now — small, medium or large.
Domino Protection
Like most people, your clients will likely see their earnings increase over the years. Make sure their income is protected with access to future coverage increases with Platinum Advantage.
A businesswoman

Help your clients make sure their income protection keeps up with their earnings. Choose a post about Platinum Advantage coverage increase riders and start sharing on social media.

Five Stars
Let’s wrap up the year with a look back at the most read IDI Connect articles. These five articles offer tips to start the conversation, product details to help you sell to your target markets and tools to speed up the sale.
Attorney at Courthouse
Your highly specialized professional clients may be more at risk of a disability affecting their livelihoods. A disability could make them unable to perform their specialized work, but they may still want to work in another occupation. Add the Own Occupation Rider to make sure they don’t have to choose between collecting total disability benefits or working.
Three Sailboats
Tired of long lag times during the sales and application process? Are you circling back with clients multiple times for information or signatures? Check out three ways to speed up your sales.
A caregiver with an adult daughter and her elderly mother
With millions of Americans providing care to family members, the need for paid caregiving leave is great. Show your clients how The Standard’s Family Care Benefit could help if they need to take time off from work to care for a sick or injured family member.