Why Sell GSI? 5 Smart Reasons

April 20, 2018
The Standard's Platinum Advantage GSI contract offers a lot of advantages for you and your clients.

Interested in growing your income protection business big time? Start thinking Guaranteed Standard Issue. The Standard's Platinum Advantage GSI contract is strong and flexible. So you can customize it to fit your clients' business goals. Consider five top reasons to sell GSI:

1. Increase your value to clients. Show your expertise and grow your relationship with clients by presenting them a complete income protection package.

2. Sell big cases. GSI is individual disability insurance that is guaranteed standard issue, sold on a group basis. That means no medical underwriting. And no need for financial paperwork from employees. In most cases, the business owner simply provides you with an employee census.

3. Stand out. The Standard's GSI product competes well, even with the biggest carriers. And only Platinum Advantage GSI includes The Standard's unique Family Care Benefit. That gives you an advantage. What's more, if the group's LTD policy is also from The Standard, employees will benefit from a streamlined claim experience.

4. Offer easy online enrollment. Worried about paperwork? No problem. The Standard's Ready Enroll system offers easy online enrollment. It's perfect for employer-paid groups of 20 or more employees.

5. Seize opportunities in the growing GSI category. Employers today are competing for top talent. GSI can help them attract and keep the best and brightest. It also appeals to C-suite executives, partners and highly compensated employees who may be at risk of an income protection gap with group LTD alone.

Interested? Check out our GSI selling tools: Platinum Advantage GSI Overview Brochure for Employers, Platinum Advantage GSI Employer Flyer and Platinum Advantage GSI Quick Guide, a guide to product details.

For more information and help making your case, talk to your MGA or SMP.


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