What to Do at Claim Time

April 20, 2018
Call us if you have questions about the claim process.

What's your first instinct when your clients have questions about the claim process? Simply tell them to call The Standard at 800.628.9797. We'll take it from there.

Our claim specialists will answer the policyowner's questions. Then they'll send a claim packet to complete and submit. The packet includes the Insured's Statement, Attending Physician's Statement and Authorization to Obtain Information form.

Encourage Your Clients to Contact Us Directly

We understand that your clients may be filing a disability claim during a tough time. Of course you want to help. Here are two reasons to step back and encourage them to do it themselves.

  1. We treat all information about your clients and their claims with full confidentiality.
  2. The policyowner has all the information to complete the packet and answer follow-up questions.

You can feel confident knowing that our goal is to deliver expert and friendly service. We focus on providing the kind of service we'd wish for ourselves and our families.

Start the Process Sooner vs. Later

You can help your clients by advising them to file a claim as soon as they believe they have a disability. Some think they should wait until later in the benefit waiting period. But that could just delay a decision until after the waiting period ends.

It's better to start the claim process right away, even if your client recovers sooner than expected and doesn't qualify for benefits. Our team will conduct a complete evaluation of the claim once we receive all the forms and any additional information we need. That way, if your client is still disabled at the end of the waiting period, or the disability is recurrent, the claim information will already be in process.

You can count on us to treat every claim with care. Share the How to File a Claim flyer to help your clients get started.


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