Stacked Money and Piggy Bank
Residents can get Platinum Advantage’s quality income protection for a benefit amount that’s right for them now — small, medium or large.
As we close the year, let’s look at the articles most viewed by The Standard’s producers in 2018. The topics range from the expanded Simplified Underwriting program to the Family Care Benefit video. We look forward to sharing more tools and sales insights in 2019!
With Simplified Underwriting, applicants don’t provide medical labs or proof of their income, as long as the application meets a few basic rules. We recently made changes to the program to make it even easier. And to help more of your clients qualify.

Sales momentum is key to a thriving business. Here's a look at three new ways The Standard is helping you and your clients move through the application and underwriting process even faster.

3 Quick Tools to Help You Make and Close More Sales

Tired of lag times between applications and medical interviews? Or circling back with clients to get signatures? Eliminate pain points with three time-saving tools — all fine-tuned to speed up your sales.