Social Media Toolkit

A father and daughter eating a meal together
Show how the Family Care Benefit can help replace earnings lost due to caregiving.
A businesswoman standing in an office
Help your business owner clients protect themselves, their businesses and their employees. Choose a post and start sharing on social media.
Two people looking at a laptop

During May's Disability Insurance Awareness Month, help your clients check the level of their income protection coverage. Choose a post that points them to our Income Protection Insurance Calculator, then start sharing on social media.

A businesswoman

Help your clients make sure their income protection keeps up with their earnings. Choose a post about Platinum Advantage coverage increase riders and start sharing on social media.

A caregiver with an adult daughter and her elderly mother
With millions of Americans providing care to family members, the need for paid caregiving leave is great. Show your clients how The Standard’s Family Care Benefit could help if they need to take time off from work to care for a sick or injured family member.
Photo of a Black woman at her laptop
Do your clients know how residual income protection could help if they become sick or injured and can only work part time? Choose a post and start sharing on social media.
Photo of two parents kissing their baby
Need a quick way to communicate with clients during Disability Insurance Awareness Month? Choose a post and start sharing on social media.
Image of two people having a meeting
Could your attorney clients handle an unexpected drop in income? Use our ready-to-share posts to highlight the importance of income protection insurance for attorneys.
Photo of a team meeting
Are your business-owner clients protected if they become too sick or injured to work? Use these ready-to-share posts to show why it’s important to protect themselves and their businesses with individual disability insurance.
Photo of woman hugging her mother in a wheelchair

Could your clients afford to take time off if a family member became seriously ill or injured? Use our ready-to-share posts to show them how Platinum Advantage’s exclusive Family Care Benefit can help.