Smart Sales Tools for Disability Insurance Awareness Month

April 28, 2021
Sales Situation

Each year, Disability Insurance Awareness Month provides an opportunity to show your clients why income protection is important. This year, the message of income protection is more important than ever. Income protection insurance provides monthly benefits if a policyowner is unable to work due to illness or injury.

We all saw the financial effects of the global pandemic and how unanticipated events can affect your plans and financial security. Your clients may be looking to the future with less confidence. Income protection insurance can help protect them from the unexpected and provide peace of mind during uncertain times.

Start the Conversation


Not sure where to start? One way is to begin with the topic you know best, then pivot the conversation to income protection. Watch these videos for expert tips.

Life Insurance. It’s not enough to insure your life. You also need to protect your income in case you can’t work.

Financial Planning. Income protection is an essential component of any financial plan.

Health Insurance. Health insurance will help pay the doctors and the hospital. Individual disability insurance can replace income lost when you're sick or injured and unable to work.

Highlight the Value of IDI

Use these marketing materials to show how income protection can help if your clients become sick or injured and can’t work.

May Is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Go over this one-page flyer, which outlines the importance of income protection and how it can help when you experience a disability.

Protect Your Lifestyle with Platinum Advantage. Share the details of Platinum Advantage’s strong yet flexible contract. See the brochure for CT, DE, DC, FL, MT, NY, ND and SD or CA.

Claims Paid By The Standard. Show your clients real-life claims to demonstrate the relief IDI can provide.

Calculate Their Needs

We have a way to help your clients see how much coverage they need. The Income Protection Insurance Calculator can help determine if they’re well-protected or facing an income protection gap.

Looking for more information to help you sell during Disability Insurance Awareness Month? Check out our resources at The Standard’s IDI producer website.

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