Sales Insights

Reading News
Check out these articles by The Standard’s Jill Frohardt and Chris Coy in InsuranceNewsNet and Medical Economics.
Bonus Cash
Increase your renewal commissions by selling $25,000 or $50,000 in annual premium this year.
Check out our top tools to help educate your clients about income protection insurance.
Filling Paperwork
Platinum Advantage policyowners must apply to keep the BIR on their policy, even if they’re not eligible for an increase.
Comparing Notes
A residual rider is an essential part of any income protection insurance policy. See how our strong residual riders stack up against the competition.
Offer 3 residual choices for when your clients can’t work full time. Which is best for your clients – Enhanced, Basic or Short-Term?
Student Graduates
Appeal to graduates and new professionals with features like the Student Loan Rider.
Sales Situation
May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month! Use these tips and resources to introduce income protection insurance to your clients.
Sales Situation
We offer a number of discounts to help you sell. Plus, we increased our Residency Multi-Life Discount to 15%!
Stacked Money and Piggy Bank
Residents can get Platinum Advantage’s quality income protection for a benefit amount that’s right for them now — small, medium or large.