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Here are three quick pointers to help explain how we determine and pay benefits.

Want to help your clients avoid confusion at claim time? If questions come up about trailing or variable income, use three quick pointers to help explain how we determine and pay benefits.

Now you can offer clients more payment options with The Standard's new credit card option for conditional receipt.

What your clients do for a living is key to their income protection options — and it's important information for you. Understanding how occupation class works can help you market and sell more effectively.

The appeal of the Residency Multi-Life Discount, easy access to benefit increases and our Student Loan Rider can help you impress these valuable clients.

Clients deserve strong income protection after an injury or sickness, even if they are still working. To find the right level for each person, check out this guide to fit and pricing.

The Automatic Increase Benefit Rider and the Benefit Increase Rider both help policyowners increase their benefits as their income grows. Here's a look at the differences in these two riders.

The key to meeting each customer's needs is to start with a strong base contract, then dial in the right options. See how the versatility of Platinum Advantage helps you do just that.

Make sure your clients are covered for a partial disability — add a residual rider to every Platinum Advantage policy. While the Basic Residual Disability Rider provides strong coverage for most policyowners, these three features of the Enhanced Residual Disability Rider were designed for highly specialized professionals and some business owners.

Did you know that Platinum Advantage includes a Benefit Increase Rider, available to eligible classes and customers at no additional cost? Learn why that's a big deal for you and your clients.