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Everyone needs residual income protection. If your clients can work only part time, they’ll still need their full-time incomes. This article highlights three differences between the Basic and Enhanced Residual Disability riders to help you recommend the appropriate rider for your clients.
Graduation is a time of excitement and opportunity. But it can also be a time of uncertainty. Many 2020 graduates have dual concerns about student loan debt and starting careers in a challenging economic environment. Help ease their worries with the Student Loan Rider.
Morehouse College graduates received good news on their graduation day. Robert F. Smith, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, promised to pay off their student loans. Student loan debt can be a stressful burden for new graduates as they start their career. Here’s how you can help.
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The definition of disability can make a big difference at claim time. Know how to recommend the right Platinum Advantage benefits for each client. Learn more about Regular Occupation versus the Own Occupation Rider and see claim examples.
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Interested in selling more IDI to medical residents? With Platinum Advantage, you can offer them a discount, plus coverage tailored to fit them now and grow later. Check out five compelling reasons why it’s such a great choice for residents — and you.

Business owners have a lot to protect. Help them by offering The Standard's personal income and business protection products. Then sweeten the offer with discounts, upgrades and coverage increases built especially for them.
We’ve made changes to make The Standard’s Platinum Advantage even more competitive. Effective immediately, we’ve increased issue and participation limits for medical and dental occupations. We also upgraded occupation classes for several medical professions.
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Two big reasons to buy Platinum Advantage income protection? The Benefit Increase Rider and Automatic Increase Benefit Rider. Learn how these no-cost riders can protect your clients’ incomes. And enhance yours.

Provisions designed with doctors in mind and competitive pricing make Platinum Advantage a no-brainer for your physician clients.
We've expanded the e-signatures The Standard accepts.

We've expanded the e-signatures The Standard accepts. Now it's even easier and faster for you to close sales with us. Here's a quick review of the types of signatures we accept and best practices for submitting e-signatures.