Prepare Your Clients and Win More Sales

April 19, 2019
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Preparing your clients and yourself for the application process is a smart step with big payoffs. It can help you:

  • Move faster and save time
  • Set the stage for modified offers
  • Close more cases
  • Build trust and relationships

Follow 4 Quick Steps to Get Ready

You’ll put yourself in the best light with clients and carriers if you’re up to speed. Check out The Standard’s Online Product Reference Guide. Make it a practice to:

  1. Preview occupation classes and get a sense of coverage limits in advance.
  2. Evaluate rider availability and suitability for each client’s situation.
  3. Refer to our underwriting guidelines, including the build chart.
  4. Review conditions and circumstances that may affect eligibility.

Ask Questions and Set Expectations

This is a great time to get personal. Ask about your clients’ hobbies, family and career. Then ease into questions about health and finances. Knowing the big picture helps you set expectations up front. You can give clients a heads-up about potential modifications. That way it won’t be a surprise if they don’t get the exact policy they applied for. Reassure them that modified offers are good offers.

Build Relationships With Clients and Carriers

Doing your homework also helps you build a great track record for integrity and reliability. You’ll set yourself up for future business and referrals. What’s more, by consistently preparing your clients and submitting complete applications, you can place policies faster — and get paid sooner!

You’ll find more tips on preparing clients in this recent article, Think Positive: How to Present and Sell Modified Offers.


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