Platinum Advantage

Explore five key differences between Platinum Advantage Income Protection insurance and Protector Platinum. Check out our complete product comparison to see all the product enhancements that can give you a sales advantage.

Platinum Advantage offers top-of-the-line yet price-competitive income protection for the physician market. A comprehensive base contract, physician-specific occupation classes, optional riders and increase opportunities combine to create a high-value IDI policy perfectly suited for your medical resident and physician clients.
It’s time to look at income protection from The Standard in a whole new light. We built a high degree of flexibility into Platinum Advantage to make it attractive to a broader range of clients. Now’s the time to offer the right product at the right price to more clients.

Platinum Advantage offers premium discounts for multi-life and multi-product sales that can help you win more business — including special offers for business owners and medical residents, who present opportunities for long-term success. Learn how to combine discounts for even better value and increased sales.

An annotated sample policy and an overview brochure for consumers — as well as a handy infographic for you — make it easy to match your customers with the protection they want and need.

Platinum Advantage offers three Residual Disability Riders that protect against income loss when a client is partially disabled. Learn how the three levels of protection can help you fine-tune coverage around loss of income and/or duties and/or time.
Smart flexibility + The Standard's strength of contract = income protection that's easy to tailor and easier to sell. Start the conversation and see how our newest offering helps you meet clients' needs with flexibility and success.
Platinum Advantage makes it easier to offer clients the right product at the right price. Jump-start your sales by focusing on customers with these characteristics.

“Do you have family members you might need to take care of if they experience a serious illness or injury? If you had to take time off work to be the family caregiver, would it be important to have part of your income replaced during that period?”