Platinum Advantage

Provisions designed with doctors in mind and competitive pricing make Platinum Advantage a no-brainer for your physician clients.
Platinum Advantage income protection insurance includes our exclusive Family Care Benefit. This benefit helps people who need to take time away from work to care for a family member who’s seriously sick.
No longer just for physicians and dentists, the Student Loan Rider is now available to any clients in occupation classes 5A, 5P, 4A, 4P, 4S, 3A, 3P or 3D. The monthly benefit options are more flexible too. We also updated issue and participation limits, including how we consider employer-paid LTD for individually-paid income protection insurance.
Platinum Advantage is now available in the Sunshine State.
We started “something big” with Platinum Advantage. We’re predicting even bigger success now that it’s available in the Sunshine State. Are you taking full advantage of the many ways you can customize Platinum Advantage to fit your clients’ needs? Here’s a quick refresher course.
Platinum Advantage's flexible contract offers coverage options that appeal to a broad range of clients and occupations.

Since Platinum Advantage launched in January 2017, you've helped us increase our overall sales by almost 25 percent. Check out our first-year results and seize opportunities to build on this success.

Producers report that the Family Care Benefit has broad appeal — across genders, ages and occupation classes. Watch and share a new video that showcases how this unique benefit can make a difference for your clients.

Now you can offer clients more payment options with The Standard's new credit card option for conditional receipt.

We built Platinum Advantage to capture sales and growth in high-potential markets, and results show it's already a hit. Are you capitalizing on these product strengths?

What your clients do for a living is key to their income protection options — and it's important information for you. Understanding how occupation class works can help you market and sell more effectively.

The appeal of the Residency Multi-Life Discount, easy access to benefit increases and our Student Loan Rider can help you impress these valuable clients.