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Which definition of disability is right for which clients? The strong Regular Occupation definition that’s built into Platinum Advantage? Or the Own Occupation Rider? Take our quiz.
Look no further than Simplified Underwriting for a quick and easy application process. Read this article to learn how it works and who qualifies. It also offers examples of clients who are a good fit for Simplified Underwriting.
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The definition of disability can make a big difference at claim time. Know how to recommend the right Platinum Advantage benefits for each client. Learn more about Regular Occupation versus the Own Occupation Rider and see claim examples.
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Interested in selling more IDI to medical residents? With Platinum Advantage, you can offer them a discount, plus coverage tailored to fit them now and grow later. Check out five compelling reasons why it’s such a great choice for residents — and you.

Platinum Advantage offers three choices of Residual Disability Riders: Basic, Enhanced and Short-Term. These riders may pay a benefit if your client is disabled and can still work, but not at full capacity. Use this flyer to compare the three residual riders with one another — and then with the market.

As we close the year, let’s look at the articles most viewed by The Standard’s producers in 2018. The topics range from the expanded Simplified Underwriting program to the Family Care Benefit video. We look forward to sharing more tools and sales insights in 2019!
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Test your expertise with our quick Residual Reality Quiz. Pick which Platinum Advantage Residual Disability Rider is the best fit for each client: Basic, Enhanced or Short-Term.

We’ve made changes to make The Standard’s Platinum Advantage even more competitive. Effective immediately, we’ve increased issue and participation limits for medical and dental occupations. We also upgraded occupation classes for several medical professions.
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Two big reasons to buy Platinum Advantage income protection? The Benefit Increase Rider and Automatic Increase Benefit Rider. Learn how these no-cost riders can protect your clients’ incomes. And enhance yours.

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Student loan debt is the second largest type of consumer debt — trailing only mortgages. See how it may affect your clients' need for income protection. Help ease their minds with our recently expanded Student Loan Rider.