Online Tools for Selling IDI

September 29, 2021
Online Tools

Doing business online is no longer an option. It’s necessary to compete in today’s marketplace. With The Standard’s tools, you can connect with prospects, complete applications and deliver policies — all online.

Marketing Tools

Try these tools to help spread the message of income protection.

Our Social Media Toolkit gives you plug-and-play posts to show clients why protecting their income is vitally important. You’ll find posts to educate them about income protection and The Standard’s product features. You’ll even find posts designed for target markets, such as business owners.

When you’ve piqued their interest, share The Standard’s Income Protection Insurance Calculator. It’s an easy way to show prospects how income protection insurance works. They’ll see how IDI could help bridge their income gap if they became seriously ill or injured and couldn’t work.


The Standard offers two ways to apply online — The Standard’s eApp and our Electronic Signature Program.

Fast Track Your Apps


Submitting applications with eApp makes applying for income protection insurance easier. With easy fill-and-sign features, you and your clients can complete the application quickly.

With eApp, you can complete and sign applications remotely. Or, you can meet with your clients for in-person signing.

And eApp has built-in rules to ensure your applications are complete and accurate before you submit them. This means underwriting won’t be delayed by common errors such as missed information. If you’re not on eApp yet, ask your General Agent to get you started.

The Standard's Electronic Signature Program

You can also use our Electronic Signature Program to help clients complete IDI transactions online. It allows you and your clients to complete and sign a downloadable PDF application on a computer or tablet.

With this program, you can also electronically complete, sign and submit all forms — not just new business applications. This includes service forms, increase applications and even policy delivery forms. For this program, you must own or be an authorized signer of an electronic signature account with one of our approved vendors. To use an Electronic Signature Program account, contact your General Agent.

Policy Delivery

You can also deliver policies electronically through DocFast®. There are a host of reasons to deliver policies online. It can help you place more policies and receive commissions faster. Check out more key advantages.

Ready to get on board with online policy delivery? Check out the Agent Instructions for DocFast.

If you have questions about The Standard’s online tools, your General Agent is ready to help.

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