New E-Signature Options Can Help You Close Sales Faster

January 26, 2018
We've expanded the e-signatures The Standard accepts.

We've expanded the e-signatures The Standard accepts. Now it's even easier and faster for you to close sales with us. Faster closing means a better close ratio and higher client satisfaction.

Please review the types of signatures we accept and three best practices.

5 Types of Signatures We Accept

  1. Application forms signed electronically with a stylus pen or finger on a digitized pad or touch screen
  2. Documents signed via a DocuSign account that's been approved by our home office
  3. Documents signed at policy delivery via DocFast
  4. Documents signed via DocuSign that originate from our home office
  5. Wet signatures (signed with a pen)

3 Best Practices for Signatures and Security

  1. Be sure applicants sign each form individually:
    1. Don't cut and paste signatures.
    2. Don't save signatures as images (such as .tif or .gif files) and use them on other pages.
  2. Obtain clients' consent to do business electronically and comply with applicable laws.
  3. Research vendors and services to make sure you choose reputable resources.

Thank you for working with us to enhance client service and protect their personal information. If you have questions, please reach out to your case manager.


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