New Discount: Preferred Occupation Discount

September 25, 2019
New Discount: Preferred Occupation Discount

Updated July 8, 2020

We want to help you sell The Standard’s Platinum Advantage income protection to your top clients.

Now you can offer extra savings to professionals with the Preferred Occupation Discount. This 10% discount is available to several 5A occupation classes:

  • Executives earning $75,000+ a year
  • CPAs
  • Engineers with professional degree
  • Scientists with Ph.D.
  • Actuaries, FSA or MAAA
  • Data Scientists with M.A. or Ph.D.
  • Economists with Ph.D.

Strong Coverage at a Competitive Price


Our goal is to provide a strong yet flexible contract that you can offer at a competitive price.

Platinum Advantage offers strong base coverage that you can modify to meet your clients’ needs. For example, you can add a Student Loan Rider for recent graduates. Or offer the Own Occupation Rider for highly specialized professionals.

Then add discounts like the Preferred Occupation Discount to offer increased value to your best clients.

Combine Discounts for More Savings

You can combine the Preferred Occupation Discount with other discounts — such as the Multi-Life, Multi-Product or Business Owner discounts — for up to 35% in savings! Check out the Premium Discounts flyer for more information on all our discounts.

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