Learn what Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers value. And how to best connect with them.

Major generational shifts are affecting today's workplace — and your top prospects. Learn what Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers value. And how to best connect with them.

Use these three conversation starters for Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers.

Millennials: “Did you know you can buy your own insurance policy to protect your income? It's a proactive step you can take to feel financially secure — and it's not tied to an employer.”

Gen Xers: “Would you be able to take time off if someone in your family were seriously ill? How would you handle the loss of income? One suggestion is to look for an income protection policy that can pay benefits when you need to be there for family.”

Boomers: “Are you changing careers or starting a business? Let’s talk about the coverage you need. If you become too sick or injured to work, monthly benefits could help you avoid dipping into your retirement assets. Business protection insurance could help you cover overhead or plan a successful exit strategy.”

From the mouths and minds of Millennials, explore eight fresh insights into how and where to reach this prime target group for IDI sales according to 2017 research by students at Georgia State University.

Try this to start a discussion about income protection with your Millennial clients.

“Your paycheck helps you live the life you want, have fun with your family and friends, pay for the things you need, and more. What would be your first concern about keeping your lifestyle and your family on track if you couldn't work?”

Now let's look at how Platinum Advantage aligns with Millennials' values and preferences — and how to help them choose income protection insurance that fits their needs.