Maximum I&P Limit Increases and Occ Class Upgrades

October 16, 2018

We’ve made changes to make Platinum Advantage even more competitive. These changes are based on our ongoing market evaluation, which includes our existing business block. Our goal is to ensure comprehensive and competitive income protection for your clients.

Effective immediately, we’ve increased Platinum Advantage issue and participation limits for medical and dental occupations. We've also upgraded occupation classes for several medical professions.

New Platinum Advantage Maximum I&P Limits for Medical and Dental Occupations

Occupation ClassIssue AgeMaximum Issue From
The Standard
Maximum Participation
With Other IDI CoverageWith Group LTD
5P, 4P, 4S, 3P, 3D, 2P18-55$20,000$30,000$35,000

You’ll notice we no longer separate limits based on medical and dental occupation classes. Instead, we’ll differentiate by age.

Upgraded Medical Occupations for Platinum Advantage and Business Protection Products

The following occupations are now 5P for Platinum Advantage. They’re now 5A for Business Equity ProtectorSM and Business Overhead ProtectorSM.

  • Gastroenterologists
  • Neonatologists
  • Pathologists
  • Diagnostic Radiologists

Physiatrists are now 4P for Platinum Advantage and 4A for Business Equity Protector and Business Overhead Protector.

The upgrades apply to both fully underwritten and Guaranteed Standard Issue IDI. Please note: these changes do not apply to Protector PlatinumSM and Protector EssentialSM, which are currently available in California.

These changes are effective immediately.

You can count on The Standard to continually evaluate the market for opportunities to increase competitiveness. We’re committed to helping you position The Standard’s products to compete and win sales.


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