Make the Most of Discounts to Sell More

March 31, 2021
Sales Situation

Our discounts can help you sell more policies and increase your revenues. They can also increase your competitiveness when selling to target markets — such as executives, physicians and business owners.

Check out the discounts we offer for:

Physicians and Dentists in Residency

Starting April 2, 2021, the Residency Multi-Life Discount will provide a 15% discount on Platinum Advantage for residents at most ACGME, AOA and CODA institutions. The discount was previously 10% and remains 10% for California and DC applicants at this time.

Make sure all eligible residents get the discount! Get the details.

Preferred Occupations

We’ll give your clients working in select occupations — such as executives, CPAs, actuaries and Ph.D-holding scientists — a 10% Preferred Occupation Discount on Platinum Advantage. This discount is not available in DC. Get the details.


Do you have multiple clients who work for the same company? Three colleagues applying for income protection insurance in the same six-month period can qualify for a 10% Employer Multi-Life Discount.

Business Owners

Business owners who own at least 20% of their business can capture the 10% Business Owner Discount on Platinum Advantage. The business must be financially successful for at least two years and employ at least one full-time person.

If the applicant shares ownership with another owner applying for Platinum Advantage, both can secure an additional 10% off using the Employer Multi-Life Discount. And if they purchase Business Equity ProtectorSM or Business Overhead Protector®, they’ll qualify for another 5% off Platinum Advantage with the Multi-Product Discount.

Plus, if their job is designated as a preferred occupation for the Preferred Occupation Discount, they could receive another 10% off. All of these discounts could add up to 35% savings on Platinum Advantage! To see how you can combine discounts for your clients, check out the Premium Discounts flyer.

Looking for a way to start the conversation? Try our new income protection insurance calculator to help your clients evaluate how much coverage they need.

Take Advantage of the 10% Producer Multi-Life Discount

As a producer, you can secure 10% off when you buy a Platinum Advantage policy for yourself.

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