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April 19, 2019
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Here's a true story that a thankful customer shared with The Standard.* A young CFO was in his 30s — healthy and fit — when he got a serious diagnosis: cancer. Married with two children, he was unable to work during a long year of debilitating symptoms and treatment.

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Fortunately, the CFO made a full recovery and returned to work in his prior role. He and his family expressed deep appreciation to his financial advisor as well as his doctors. Why? During an earlier review of other coverage, the advisor explained the benefits of income protection insurance.

The CFO saw the value and purchased an IDI policy. He was grateful the IDI benefits were in place to help pay the bills when he couldn’t work. Freedom from financial worries also gave the CFO and his wife time to focus on his health.

Imagine If This Was Your Client

How would you feel if you’d skipped that important conversation? This story underscores a big opportunity and responsibility you have to help your clients protect their incomes. It’s a logical step in financial planning.

Whether you’re talking about investments, life insurance or health coverage — it’s easy to pivot to IDI. You’ll be glad you did. You and your clients will both enjoy the peace of mind.


*Some details were changed to maintain privacy.


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