How to Use Top Marketing Tools to Showcase Income Protection Insurance

August 25, 2021

Effective marketing tools can clearly show clients the need for income protection. Have you used these top tools to start the conversation, highlight the product or show how income protection insurance works in real life?

Start the Conversation

The Standard’s Income Protection Insurance Calculator can open doors to meaningful conversations. Walk your clients through the calculator or have them complete it themselves. They’ll see how hard it could be to maintain their lifestyles if they can’t work due to illness or injury.

Highlight the Product

Show them product features with the Platinum Advantage brochure (use this in CT, DE, DC, FL, MT, NY, ND and SD; use this in CA). Showcase key features with the Family Care Benefit flyer, Student Loan Rider flyer or other materials on

Show How Income Protection Insurance Works

Use Claims Paid by The Standard to show real-life examples of how The Standard’s income protection insurance paid monthly disability benefits to people just like them. If you have clients who are doctors, use Physician Claims Paid by The Standard.

Check out our database of marketing materials on to find the right material for you and your clients.

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