Give Clients What They Want: E-Policy Delivery

July 20, 2018
See why it pays to do business the way your clients prefer and how to start using e-policy delivery.

“Would you like your policy delivered electronically?” The answer to that question is typically a big “yes.” Research showed that 97 percent of customers opt for electronic policy delivery.1

Do Business the Way Your Clients Prefer

Get Paid Faster and Close More Sales

Boost your acceptance rate.

Boost your acceptance rate.

Increased use of eProcess technologies, including e-delivery, can increase placement by 3-8%.2

Boost your acceptance rate.

Shave 20 days off the policy placement cycle with DocFast.

Get paid up to three weeks faster!3

In the past, producer training emphasized meeting with clients face to face as a way to get referrals and close sales. These days, customers are used to doing everything from banking to shopping online. Your clients may be more likely to recommend you if you make the experience easy and seamless. Ask them how they like to do business and follow their lead.

Keep Personal Information Secure

Think about all the personal information the policy contains. Keeping it within the secure DocFast® system is safer than printing a policy that could get stolen, copied or misplaced. Your customers will appreciate the security as well as the ease.

Get Up to Speed Fast

Ready to get on board with e-policy delivery? Here’s what to do:

Want to encourage others in your office to make the switch? Share our DocFast Key Advantages flyer and this presentation: Electronic Policy Delivery — Better, Safer, Faster.


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2 LIDMA statistics for high-volume life insurance agencies that take full advantage of available eProcess technologies, 2018,

3 Based on fully-underwritten policies issued by The Standard, as of Dec. 31, 2017


E-Policy Delivery