Discounts for All Employees at Residency Discount Institutions

May 29, 2019

We’ve expanded our Platinum Advantage discounts to help boost your business at residency institutions.

You can now offer a 10 percent discount to all employees of institutions that have an established Residency Multi-Life Discount. This means you can secure discounts for more prospects at those institutions — not just residents and fellows.

Here’s How It Works

If an ACGME, AOA or CODA sponsoring institution has an established Residency Multi-Life Discount for its residents and fellows, you can offer a 10 percent Employer-Based Multi-Life Discount to other employees, such as attending physicians or administrators. 

Starting immediately, the 10 percent Employer-Based Multi-Life Discount will be available to institutional employees who buy fully underwritten income protection coverage.

And if the Residency Multi-Life Discount is terminated? We’ll keep the Employer-Based Multi-Life Discount available as long as there are fully underwritten policies on two unique lives in force at the institution.

Check out our list of Residency Discount Institutions where a 10 percent discount is already available to residents — and where the Employer-Based Multi-Life Discount now applies to other institutional employees.

Platinum Advantage for Residents

Platinum Advantage is a strong contract built to meet the unique needs of physicians. Plus, we use special underwriting rules for residents. These combined with the Residency Multi-Life Discount provide quality income protection at a great value for your resident and fellow clients.

See The Resident Sales Opportunity With The Standard for special underwriting opportunities for residents and fellows only. And share Platinum Advantage for Residents to showcase the strength of Platinum Advantage.

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