Competitive Pricing and Provisions for Physicians

September 26, 2018

Provisions designed with doctors in mind and competitive pricing make Platinum Advantage a no-brainer for your physician clients.

More occupation classes means competitive pricing for doctors. We created more defined Platinum Advantage occupation classes for physicians. This allows us to offer competitive pricing aligned with physician duties. For example, we created two highly-competitive occupation classes:  5P for medical professionals not performing surgery or interventional procedures and 4S for most surgeons.

Unlimited Coverage for Mental Disorders and Substance Abuse. Platinum Advantage provides unlimited benefits — up to the maximum benefit period — when a disability is caused or contributed to by a mental disorder or substance abuse. Included for most physician occupation classes.

Own Occupation Definition of DisabilityThe Own Occupation Rider offers the strongest definition of disability for specialized medical professionals. Under this rider, policyowners who become disabled and can’t perform the duties of their medical specialty can qualify for benefits – and earn a full income in another occupation without offsetting their benefits.

Few carriers offer both unlimited mental disorder and substance abuse coverage and an own occupation definition of disability. Together, these provisions ensure a first-class IDI policy for physicians.                               

In addition, Platinum Advantage offers quality built-in provisions — such as the Family Care Benefit and Rehabilitation Programs — and optional riders — such as the Student Loan Rider and the choice of three residual disability riders. Offer this high-value IDI policy perfectly suited to your physician clients.  

Share the Platinum Advantage Introduction Flyer for Medical Professionals flyer with your clients to start the income protection conversation today.

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