Compare Residual Riders Across Carriers

July 14, 2021
Comparing Notes

A residual rider is an essential part of any income protection insurance policy. Residual disability riders give your clients the comfort of knowing they can return to work part time without losing their disability insurance coverage. Make sure every policy has a residual rider included.

Platinum Advantage’s Enhanced Residual Disability Rider offers one of the strongest residual options in the market. And our Basic Residual Disability Rider is stronger than some carriers’ best options.

We reviewed residual options from other IDI carriers to show how our Enhanced and Basic riders stack up. Do your own comparison by asking these questions:

  • Does the policyowner have to experience an earnings loss to satisfy the benefit waiting period?
  • What percentage of income loss is required to be considered residually disabled?
  • What is the minimum benefit that will be paid?
  • Are recovery benefits included?

Compare Residual Riders

This comparison does not apply in California because product features may vary.

Please contact your General Agent for help with choosing the optimal residual rider for your clients.

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