Close More Sales, Faster

July 21, 2017

One key to successful business is helping your clients move through the application and underwriting process efficiently. To help speed the time from contact to contract, The Standard now offers DocuSign and, for fully underwritten IDI, a TeleApp process for completing application questions. These two process improvements help you minimize the time spent collecting information, waiting for feedback and sometimes even going back for data that was missed on the first try.

Faster, More Complete Medical Interviews

TeleApp is a phone-based system that features third-party professionals who conduct medical intake interviews. The process, handled through a vendor called LifePlans, is designed to take the burden off you, increase your clients' comfort level and ensure the process is thorough the first time around.

The LifePlans interviewers bring a wealth of specialized knowledge to the interview. In addition, they have access to a prescription-checking service that helps them ensure medication histories are complete. With these advanced skills and tools, it's less likely that applications will be slowed by missed information.

Point-of-Sale Scheduling: Convenience and Speed

To help customers applying for fully underwritten coverage schedule their TeleApp interviews quickly and easily, call our dedicated toll-free number while you're still face-to-face with your client. Just call 844.276.1330 to set up the phone appointment.

When interviews are scheduled and completed through the point-of-sale number, applications move much more quickly: On average, they go to underwriting three days sooner, and two weeks are shaved off the entire contracting process through faster scheduling and improved accuracy. See complete instructions on using TeleApp and the point-of-sale number.

DocuSign Pilot: Fast Follow-Up Directly With Applicants

DocuSign is an online, electronic signature system that helps underwriters follow up quickly when they need more information on health questionnaires or authorizations. We’ve had an extraordinarily successful pilot using the system, and now we’re moving that program forward.

Instead of relaying simple information requests through the MGA and broker, we're contacting applicants directly and shortening a process that can typically take two to three weeks. In the pilot program, half of our requests were completed within 48 hours, and the rest took only slightly longer. Now we’re working with agencies to fully implement this system by the end of the year. It's faster for everyone and much easier for you, and it reflects positively on the efficiency and professionalism of your office.

More Efficiencies on the Way

Watch for even more improvements as we develop and test ways to make the entire application, underwriting and acceptance process faster and easier. Our goal is to help you work more efficiently, meet your clients’ expectations and close more business.


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