Are Your Clients' Benefits Growing With Their Incomes?

October 26, 2018
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Use BIR and AIB to Protect Their Success and Enhance Yours

Two big reasons to buy Platinum Advantage income protection? It includes the Benefit Increase Rider and Automatic Increase Benefit Rider. Both allow your clients to increase their benefits. Without paying extra for that ability.

You can talk up both riders to show your clients why it pays to buy a policy now. They'll gain affordable coverage that can grow over time — regardless of any changes in their health.

Benefit Increase Rider — Helps With Fast-Growing Incomes

This no-cost rider allows clients to increase their basic monthly benefit amount as their earnings grow, without providing medical information. Here's how it works:

  • Rider is automatically included at no cost through issue age 50, if your client purchases at least 75 percent of base monthly benefit offered.
  • Allows coverage increases every three years on the policy anniversary, based on eligible income increases.
  • Rider will end if the insured person doesn't apply and accept at least 50 percent of increase offer every three years.
  • Available with fully underwritten policies and GME.

“The Benefit Increase Rider is a fantastic touchpoint for producers,” says Jill Frohardt, regional director, IDI Sales. “It gives you the opportunity to cross-sell, upsell and ask for referrals. When you receive 90- or 60-day advance notices, reach out to clients to help them keep their benefits up to date.”

Automatic Increase Benefit — Helps Keep Pace With Inflation

The AIB rider is a great feature for clients who get steady raises. It increases the basic monthly benefit on each policy anniversary date for six years. All they have to do is accept the increase. There's no medical or financial information required. Key details:

  • Rider is automatically included at no cost with fully underwritten policies, through issue age 59.
  • Provides a 4 percent increase to the basic monthly benefit each year for an increase period of up to six years.
  • Can decline increases, but the rider will end if customer declines two consecutive increases.
  • Can apply for more increase periods.

Grow Your Sales From Your Existing Block

You'll receive new first-year premium commissions when your clients accept BIR and AIB increases. You can earn significant commissions as their careers grow, especially with physicians. It's a great way to protect your clients' incomes and enhance your sales!

For more details, check out Know It All: 2 Types of Benefit Growth for Fully Underwritten IDI.


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