Announcing Student Loan Rider and I&P Changes

June 27, 2018

No longer just for physicians and dentists, the Student Loan Rider is now available to any clients in occupation classes 5A, 5P, 4A, 4P, 4S, 3A, 3P or 3D.

The monthly benefit options are more flexible too. Applicants can choose a monthly student loan benefit as low as $100 and as high as $2,500 for occupation classes 5P, 4P, 4S, 3P and 3D and $1,500 for occupation classes 5A, 4A and 3A.

See the updated Student Loan Rider flyer for details.

Issue and Participation Limit Changes

Thanks to changes affecting issue and participation limits, your clients will be able to buy more IDI coverage than previously available. We’ll consider 70 percent of employer-paid group LTD when determining benefit amounts for individually paid IDI. Before, we considered 75 percent of employer-paid group LTD.

We also updated the limits by income. See the Issue and Participation Limits section of The Standard’s IDI Online Reference Product Guide to view the new limits.


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