9 Toolkits for Selling IDI

October 13, 2021
Sales Situation

Keep Your Favorite Resources at Hand

Here's a best practice to save and find your favorite toolkits, IDI Connect articles or marketing flyers faster. Create a bookmarks folder in your browser and save your favorite links. That way, you'll always have the latest versions and be able to find them right away.

Check out The Standard’s IDI Marketing Resources Toolkits to find information and marketing materials grouped by subject. You’ll find toolkits about target markets, key product features and doing business with The Standard.

For example, explore the Physicians Toolkit if you’re looking for insights and materials to help sell income protection insurance to physicians. It features marketing materials and contract language focused on this target market. You’ll also see IDI Connect articles with tips for selling to physicians.

Or, maybe you have a question about IDI underwriting at The Standard. Then take a look at the Underwriting Resources Toolkit. This toolkit provides details about our requirements and special underwriting programs.

See all nine IDI Marketing Resources Toolkits.