6 Reasons Physicians Choose The Standard

October 1, 2020
Doctor Holding Tablet

Did you know that more than one-third of The Standard’s IDI policies are sold to doctors? In fact, we designed Platinum Advantage income protection insurance with physicians in mind.  

Why do doctors choose The Standard? Because they can:



  1. Protect income earned in their specialties. With the Own Occupation Rider, physicians may be eligible for disability benefits if they’re no longer able to perform their specialty but choose to work in another specialty or occupation.
  2. Increase coverage as their careers grow. Platinum Advantage provides the option to increase coverage every three years without additional medical underwriting.
  3. Protect income lost due to a disability while they’re still working. With any of our residual riders, policyowners are eligible for benefits if they lose income due to a disability while still working part-time or full-time. The Enhanced Residual Disability Rider pays no less than half of the full monthly benefit for the first year of residual disability.
  4. Make sure they can cover their student loans. With the Student Loan Rider, we’ll reimburse all or part of their student loan payments if they become totally disabled and can’t work.1
  5. Rest assured that benefits aren’t limited for disabilities due to mental disorders. Most residents can choose unlimited benefits, through the maximum benefit period, when a mental disorder or substance abuse causes or contributes to a disability.2
  6. Take care of their family. The Family Care Benefit, only available from The Standard, can help them take time off for caregiving. This benefit provides benefits to replace lost income due to working fewer hours and earning less income to care for a family member with a serious health condition.3

Talk to your physician clients about how we’ve designed income protection insurance for them. Use the Physicians Claims Paid By The Standard flyer to show real-life examples of claims paid to physicians. If you’re working with physician residents, use the Income Protection for Residents flyer to show how our special underwriting programs for residents can help them capture more benefits.

1  Not available in Connecticut or New York.

2  5P, 4P and 4S occupations may choose to limit Mental Disorder/Substance Abuse benefits to two years.
    This 2-year limitation is required for 3D, 3P and 2P occupations, and all California policies.

3  Not available in California, Connecticut or New York.

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