4 Tips to Get Better Results With TeleApp

October 26, 2018
Image of a woman interviewing another woman with an application.

Why use TeleApp? It can reduce the need for follow-up calls and speed the application process. That can help you deliver policies faster! Use these tips to help your clients prepare:

  1. Remind your clients to have all their medical information handy. They'll need to provide doctors' names, addresses and numbers — plus treatment dates. Here’s an easy way to gather it all. Suggest that your clients access their medical claim history from their insurer's website. Many insurers allow customers to download a complete history, including prescriptions.
  2. Let them know what to expect. Remember to share the TeleApp flyer for clients in advance: What to Expect. It's part of the application packet.
  3. Give clients a copy of the questions from the Full Underwriting Application Supplement. You'll find that form in the non-TeleApp application. It's a great tool to preview the questions with your client.
  4. Set the stage for a potential modified offer. Use question eight in the application to start a high-level discussion about health issues. It asks:
    “In the last 5 years, have you been treated for or been diagnosed by a medical professional as having any heart condition, back or neck disorder, anxiety or depression, cancer, diabetes or neurological disorder?”

Reassure your clients that modified offers are good offers. That could help them feel more confident answering questions fully during the interview.

For more quick tips, check out our TeleApplications Producer Overview and TeleApp Instructions flyer.


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