3 Ways to Be a Big Winner With Business Owners

July 20, 2018
See how to build a winning case with Platinum Advantage by making the most of all the discounts, rewards and product features that appeal to business owners.

Promote Discounts, Rewards and Features

Want to be highly competitive in the business owner market? Leveraging the discounts, rewards and product features of Platinum Advantage gives you a great head start. Here’s how to use all the tools and build a winning case:

1. Maximize premium discounts. Business owners may be able to take advantage of three separate discounts including Business Owner, Multi-Life (down to two lives) and Multi-Product. The total potential discount? Up to 25 percent. Learn more about premium discounts.

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Connect With Business Owners

Start more conversations with business owners.

Start more conversations with business owners. It’s easy with these ready-to-share posts.

2. Take advantage of the Business Owner Rewards program. Just like you, we go all out to help business owners acquire quality income protection. Our complete rewards program includes:

  • Newly self-employed guidelines — designed to help new business owners qualify based on their past W-2 earnings.
  • Business Owner Upgrade — available with purchase of Business Overhead ProtectorSM or Business Equity ProtectorSM. Upgrades can result in increased benefit amounts and reduced premiums.
  • Earned Income Enhancer — allows business owners to qualify for up to $2,000 in additional coverage, compared to non-business owners.

To learn more about helping your clients make the most of these rewards, refer to our Business Owner Rewards flyer or New York version, plus The Standard's IDI Online Reference Product Guide.

3. Emphasize contract features that appeal to business owners. Start with the strong Platinum Advantage base contract and unique features like our Family Care Benefit*. Then showcase the value of the Enhanced Residual Disability Rider. This rider was designed with business owners in mind. Two good selling points:

  • The insured business owner can satisfy the benefit waiting period by having a loss of hours or duties, even without loss of income.
  • The Recovery Benefit could be very valuable if the business owner has a loss of income from the business even after returning to full-time work, or from having to work in another occupation.

For more tips, check out How to Sell Platinum Advantage to Business Owners, and the IDI Products for Small Business Owners Presentation or New York version.


* Not available in Connecticut or New York.


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