3 Quick Tools to Help You Make and Close More Sales

August 28, 2019
3 Quick Tools to Help You Make and Close More Sales

Tired of long lag times between applications and medical interviews? Or circling back with clients multiple times trying to get signatures? You can eliminate these pain points by using three time-saving tools — all fine-tuned to speed up your sales.

1. TeleApp Plus Point-of-Sale Scheduling. Keep the sales momentum going. While filling out the application with your client, call LifePlans, The Standard's TeleApp vendor, at 844.276.1330. Schedule the interview while your client is there to confirm availability. Done! This flyer outlines five quick steps and includes a link to a client flyer.

2. Simplified Underwriting. Yes, it's available for Platinum Advantage — no matter how you build the flexible contract — based on issue age and amount. No lab testing or income documentation required. If the application qualifies, it will be automatically submitted for Simplified Underwriting. Expect a decision or case status update within 48 hours after we receive the completed application and TeleApp interview. Get more details.

3. DocFast. Here's a quick reminder of why it pays to use electronic policy delivery via our DocFast process. It can help you place more policies, receive commissions faster and cater to your clients' lifestyles. Check out more key advantages and answers to FAQs.


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