3 New Ways to Wow With GSI

July 21, 2017

How do you impress employers who want to differentiate their employment package, offer meaningful benefits, and recruit and retain the very best? Introduce them to Platinum Advantage Guaranteed Standard Issue.*

Disability insurance helps organizations support their employees' needs for worry-free income protection, and Platinum Advantage GSI stands out with brand new features that promote family friendliness, price flexibility and administrative ease. Now you can wow employers with a comprehensive and competitive product.

Family Care Benefit

Platinum Advantage GSI includes the Family Care Benefit, an industry-leading approach to helping employees focus on family, health and healing when they need it most. Employers who offer this benefit provide income protection for those who need to take time off to care for a parent, spouse, domestic partner or child with a serious health condition due to injury or sickness.

Most disability insurance covers only the employee's illness or injury. The Family Care Benefit steps in when an employee needs to work at least 20 percent fewer hours and experiences at least a 20 percent loss in pay to help an ailing family member with a serious health condition. New to Platinum Advantage GSI, this benefit is a no-cost way for organizations to provide progressive coverage and make a real difference in their employees' lives.

Tips for GSI Success

  • Start with a plan design that's focused on meeting a customer need. Requotes lead to poor customer experience.

  • Collect comprehensive data and information; the more you can provide to underwriting up front, the better.

  • Know the process and timeline for a GSI sale, enrollment and in-force management.

Flexible Packaging

Platinum Advantage starts with a strong base contract and presents numerous opportunities to fine-tune the entire plan. Use these levers to wow your clients who want to ensure their benefit plans are right-sized for their organization's needs.

To make the most of Platinum Advantage's benefit and pricing variables, talk to your client to understand the full range of their needs, then work with your MGA or Managing Partner to build the right plan design. Include the Residual Disability option that best matches your client's employee profile: Short-Term, Basic or Enhanced. (For more details, check out this recent article, Match the Residual Rider to the Client Need.) Finally, choose from among the range of additional riders to create customized coverage at price points that work.

Ease of Administration

Filling out forms is nobody's idea of a good time. Now Platinum Advantage streamlines the policy setup process to make your experience — and your client's experience — simpler. We've shortened the application to just two pages and require just one customer signature. Your Producer Information Report also requires only one signature for all applications, including additions.

To make things even easier, The Standard offers a new electronic policy delivery option with FilesAnywhere. It allows for bulk policy delivery to producers or directly to your client's HR department.


* Platinum Advantage GSI is not available in California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Montana, New York, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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