Case of the Quarter

August 12, 2020

This case of the quarter highlights how we can match an existing GSI plan for a lower price — especially when coupled with LTD from The Standard. A law firm had a GSI plan that covered 18 equity partners and directors. By switching to The Standard and buying LTD and GSI together, the firm captured even more of a discount on the GSI plan. This joint purchase also ensured a seamless claims experience, with one claim representative for employees who make LTD and GSI claims.  

This case sold in May 2020 — at the height of pandemic lockdowns across the country. At first, the employer was hesitant about making a change during such an uncertain time. But decision makers realized that locking in rates as soon as possible would keep rates down. They moved forward and used Ready Enroll, The Standard’s online enrollment system, for a quick no-contact enrollment process.

GSI Plan Size
18 equity partners and directors
In-Force Group LTD Coverage
60% to $15K
GSI Solution 
66.67% to $10K
Additional GSI Benefits
Gender-neutral rates
Portable policies
Enhanced Residual Disability Rider
Noncancelable Policy Rider
Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider
24-Month MDSA Coverage
Annual Premium