Family Care Benefit

A caregiver with an adult daughter and her elderly mother
With millions of Americans providing care to family members, the need for paid caregiving leave is great. Show your clients how The Standard’s Family Care Benefit could help if they need to take time off from work to care for a sick or injured family member.
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Could your clients afford to take time off if a family member became seriously ill or injured? Use our ready-to-share posts to show them how Platinum Advantage’s exclusive Family Care Benefit can help.

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Are you helping your clients protect their paychecks and their precious family time if a loved one is seriously ill or injured? See how to do both with The Standard’s exclusive Family Care Benefit, included with Platinum Advantage — and share our eye-opening video.

As we close the year, let’s look at the articles most viewed by The Standard’s producers in 2018. The topics range from the expanded Simplified Underwriting program to the Family Care Benefit video. We look forward to sharing more tools and sales insights in 2019!
Platinum Advantage income protection insurance includes our exclusive Family Care Benefit. This benefit helps people who need to take time away from work to care for a family member who’s seriously sick.

Producers report that the Family Care Benefit has broad appeal — across genders, ages and occupation classes. Watch and share a new video that showcases how this unique benefit can make a difference for your clients.

“You probably have a hard time imagining yourself disabled. But let's shift the focus from just protecting 'me' to 'we.' What would happen if you had to take time off from work to care for a family member who's seriously ill or injured? Did you know there's an income protection policy that offers a unique Family Care Benefit?”

To bring the value of this benefit to life, share this first-person Family Care video.

The growing need for family caregiving is a major trend that affects your target clients.

The growing need for family caregiving is a trend that affects your target clients. Nearly half of caregivers for adults are between the ages of 18 and 49. Learn about the challenges your clients face — and how Platinum Advantage can help.

“Do you have family members you might need to take care of if they experience a serious illness or injury? If you had to take time off work to be the family caregiver, would it be important to have part of your income replaced during that period?”