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Resources for Annuity Awareness Month

During National Annuity Awareness Month in June, use our most popular sales ideas to easily communicate with clients. These resources are great to share the rest of the year, too!

Rich Lane, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

The Role of Annuities in a Comprehensive Retirement Portfolio

By John Williams, Regional Sales Director, Individual Annuities. Published originally by ThinkAdvisor.

While tax benefits are not the only deciding factor when considering a fixed deferred annuity, they are meaningful and can help your clients see all the positive attributes of annuities.

Proceed Options After a Spouse’s Death

If an annuity owner passes away, do you know the options for the surviving spouse and beneficiary on an annuity? Assuming ownership of an annuity after the death of an owner might be the best option for a surviving spouse.

Cell Phone Video Tips

Virtual meetings are still the norm for many of us. Up your game by sending a video message that you record on your phone.

Rollovers vs. Transfers – Why Keeping Them Straight Is Important

When you’re helping a client apply for an IRA, understanding the difference between a rollover and a transfer is important. Checking the wrong box about the source of the funds can result in a letter from the IRS. Let’s look at how to help clients avoid IRS questions about income reporting.

Explore an Annuity That Offers Choice

Are you looking for a product with multiple liquidity options for clients who want to buy a fixed annuity? Our newest annuity, the Multi-Choice Annuity, offers an exciting feature — clients can select one of four withdrawal options to best meet their needs. This allows them to get the best interest rate that meets their liquidity needs.

Rich Lane, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities