Social Selling Success in 3 Steps

April 30, 2021
Social Selling Success in 3 Steps

Social selling is about building relationships and nurturing prospects on social media. Some recent stats from HubSpot show that it works:1

  • 65% of salespeople who use social selling fill their pipeline with new customers, compared to 47% of those who don’t.
  • Social sellers experience better customer conversion (46% vs. 31%) compared to non-social sellers.

Whether you’re a super social seller, still testing the waters or somewhere in between, these three pro tips can give you an advantage.

1. Optimize your profile. Make sure your LinkedIn profile provides the details that a current or potential client might be looking for. A strong profile can help you nurture relationships with existing contacts and introduce you to new ones. Target these key steps:

  • Keep your professional experience section up to date. Highlight key achievements to reinforce your credibility.
  • Polish your profile summary, which functions as your elevator pitch. Keep it concise, and include personal and professional attributes, as well as relevant keywords.

Set a goal to complete these steps in two weeks. Get more guidance to optimize your profile, enhance your experience section and write a great summary.

2. Build your network. After you’ve refined your profile, work on expanding your network. Here are three ways:

  • Search for a potential contact you’ve met on your own or through an introduction.
  • Review the connections recommended by LinkedIn.
  • Review the connections of people you know.

When you want to make a new connection, send a personalized message. Mention where you met and why you'd like to connect. Read more about making personalized connections.

3. Share and engage.

  • Create or share LinkedIn posts that are informational and helpful. These tend to perform best. You can also share updates published by The Standard.
  • Engage — or interact — with posts to build relationships with your contacts. Schedule time to look through your feed for updates, then regularly share, like or offer comments on them./li>


For more social inspiration, read 12 examples of good LinkedIn posts.


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