Social Selling

Cell Phone Video Tips

Virtual meetings are still the norm for many of us. Up your game by sending a video message that you record on your phone.

Social Selling Success in 3 Steps

Upping your social media profile and presence can give you a competitive edge. Follow our three steps to help your business stand out.

Being a social advisor can open new opportunities for you, and you may also find that it’s a great way to get sales leads. Be sure to schedule time to keep an up-to-date social media profile with the following components:

  • Professional and properly sized profile picture
  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • Thorough summary or “elevator pitch”
  • Detailed experience history

If you are sending messages to people you have not connected with before on social media, be sure to include: their name, how you met, or why you are contacting them. Use short, actionable text and show appreciation for their time.

Building relationships online is just like building relationships in person: it takes time. Your mission is to keep it up; to continue to build relationships with people by connecting with them in a meaningful way, engaging with their content and answering their questions, and providing useful information that helps them do their job better.

Are you keeping up with your social media connections? Here are some tips you may find useful: 1) Complete a search at least once each week to find new connections. 2) Engage with 1 or 2 posts from a connection, in a group, or from our company page by liking, sharing or commenting on the posts.

Social media can be a valuable tool in your sales arsenal, but actually using it on a regular basis is key to it paying off. So make it part of your daily routine by: Logging in every morning to look for new connection requests and messages; replying to them as necessary, just like you would with your email.