Sales Ideas

Do You Know About the ISA Participation Rate?

It’s been a year since we added a participation rate index crediting option to our Index Select Annuity. Have you talked to your clients about this appealing addition?

To Get Meaningful Answers, Ask Great Questions

Do you need help getting clients to open up about their financial concerns and priorities? We’ve put together a list of questions to help you start the conversation and guide clients to solutions that are right for them.

Go Old School to Stand Out in the Digital World

Relationship building hasn’t changed much over the years. Some of the tools we used to make connections generations ago are still viable today. An old school approach could actually help you stand out in a digital world.

Share the Top 10

During Annuity Awareness Month, reach out to clients who want to build and protect their assets. Feel free to share our Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Fixed Annuity.

Look to Annuities for Stability

Help your clients explore what annuities can offer them. Our annuities are also easy to understand — and easy to explain, backed by our financial strength and stability from over 100+ years in the insurance business.

Are Your Clients Losing Money Because of Taxes?

Clients who have taxable investments may be losing money every year to taxes, which decreases their after-tax returns. For example, if the federal tax rate is 24 percent and they earn 2.5 percent in a taxable investment, then their after-tax earnings would be only 1.9 percent.

Are Taxes Taking a Bite Out of Your Savings?

The annual income taxes on a Certificate of Deposit (CD) can take a big bite out of your hard-earned savings. If your clients use CDs to regularly access money, consider a tax-deferred alternative.

Are Annuities the Right Investment Choice for Your Clients

Your clients have many investment choices, all with various features and results. Does an annuity have the right combination of guarantees, features and results to meet their financial goals? Let's compare many of the common features of annuities and other types of investments.

Offer a Beneficiary Review Now

Offering a beneficiary review provides a chance to check in with current or prospective clients to ensure that beneficiary designations match their wishes. This type of review may also lead you to new deferred and immediate annuity sales opportunities.

10 Reasons to Buy a Fixed Annuity

For anyone who wants to build and protect their assets, annuities are a great option. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy a fixed annuity.