Sales Ideas

What If You Wait One Year Before Buying an Annuity?

Clients who decide to wait a year before buying an annuity may be missing out on big gains. Share a few examples to help them realize the benefits of compounded growth and tax deferral.

Dealing With the Rising Price of Health Care?

See how an immediate annuity can be a good tool to use for part of your Medicaid planning. It may help lessen the worry about health care expenses in retirement.

Little Things, Big Difference

There’s more to consider than interest rates when choosing an annuity provider. Count on The Standard for service practices that add value for you and your clients.

Annuities. The Right Fit.

Worrying about the stock market can create a big emotional burden and behavioral costs. Try introducing your clients to fixed annuities from The Standard. No matter what’s happening on Wall Street, our fixed annuities offer growth potential with less exposure to risk and market volatility.

Pro Tips for Digital Relationship Building

Our Pro Tips flyer can help you raise your social profile. Plus, June's Annuity Awareness Month provides a perfect opportunity to reach out to potential new clients.

Now’s a Good Time to Review the Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Fixed Annuity

A reminder that the top 10 reasons to buy a fixed annuity are as solid as ever. Take a few minutes to review the list and share some or all of them with your clients as you both focus on building and protecting their financial future.

We Make Things Easy

We’ve taken steps to ensure that doing business with us is easy. See how we can help you and your clients complete the process quickly, easily and securely. Check out our helpful guidelines for doing business with us.

What Is the Cost of Waiting?

If clients are waiting for interest rates to go up before buying an annuity, they may be missing out. We’ve done the math to show that waiting may not be the smartest move.

Are Your Clients Losing Money With Taxable Investments?

Clients with money in taxable investments may be losing out with the taxes they pay year after year. See how a tax-deferred annuity can help.

Show Clients the Benefits of Tax Deferral

Help clients increase their earning power by educating them on the benefits of a tax-deferred annuity. Share the benefits — and our helpful flyer — to show clients what they would have to earn in a taxable investment to match the earnings of a fixed annuity.