Meet Our Newest Administration Team Leaders

March 1, 2021
Meet Our Newest Administration Team Leaders

We’re excited to welcome Rick Headley and Rebecca Mattingly to our Annuities administration leadership team. Rick will lead the claims team and Rebecca will lead the distributions team. Meanwhile, Brittany Bobbitt will continue to lead her current teams — phone, QA and specialty teams — and take on a new role as director of Individual Annuities administration.


Rick Headley


Rick started at The Standard about three years ago as a phone representative for Annuities. Rick has a degree in math and physics from Virginia Commonwealth University. During the pandemic, he’s stayed active snowboarding, biking, backpacking, camping and motorcycle riding.




Rebecca Mattingly


Rebecca started at The Standard just over a year ago with the Annuities new business team. She has a degree in sociology with a focus in race, gender and sexuality studies from the University of Oregon. Rebecca enjoys live music and dancing. Since the pandemic began, she’s taken her moves to the streets by picking up quad skating. If you’re in Portland, you might catch her rolling through the city on eight wheels.



Brittany Bobbitt


Brittany has held many roles in more than 15 years at The Standard, including the last two years leading her teams in Annuities. She enjoys hanging out with her husband Greg, daughter Signe and her two pups. And when she can, she finds time to relax in her garden.





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